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inference. A conclusion based on observation or evidence. details. pieces of information that support or tell more about the main idea. portrayed. represented with pictures, words, or. ATHENA, sometimes Athene, was the Greek goddess of war, wisdom and craft and was the daughter of ZEUS and the Titaness Metis. Although Athena was a fierce virgin like ARTEMIS, she did not shun men but, on the contrary, delighted in being a city-goddess, most notably at Athens. The Greeks always regarded Athena as an active goddess, involved in. The word arachnid - which derives from the Greek arachne, spider - denotes arthropods of the class Arachnida, such as spiders, scorpions, and ticks. They have segmented bodies. In mythology Arachne was a Greek maiden who was turned into a spider after defeating Athena in a weaving contest. Note: a more precise answer would be "Arachnida.
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